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Yoga @ Your Place


Whether it is team building or a part of a regular heath and well-being program, Jo can tailor a yoga class or set of classes to suit your needs. Classes can be structured for beginners through to advanced students. All equipment mats, props and music are provided as required. We can also provide visual practice guides of the asanas for your personal practice between sessions.


Enjoy the luxury of a personal yoga practice to suit your body’s needs. Get your practice to the next level with individual attention or learn the basics in the privacy of your home at a time that suits you before you join a class. Incorporate your favorite poses into a sequence customized to your strengths and needs.

Small Groups

Get a group of friends or work mates together for a regular class in your home or workplace - and enjoy the convenience and greater individual attention.

Individual or group sessions @ your place, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.