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About Jo

Jo Odessa has practiced both Buddhist and yogic meditation over the past three decades. She began regular asana practice more than a decade ago. Her classes are suitable for all levels - the emphasis is on mindful practice (pratyahara) and use of the breath (pranayama) in conjunction with the physical postures (asana) as well as still mind meditative practice. Jo studied at The Australian College of Classical Yoga where she received a Diploma of Classical Yoga. She has also completed a number of specialist workshops including meditation and advanced postures. Jo also draws on a background of many years of counseling and the study of Psychology. Jo is currently registered with the Australian yoga teachers association "Yoga Australia", she also has a current Senior First Aid level 2, CPR and a Working with Children Check.

Classical Yoga

Classical yoga draws on the teaching of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, written approximately 2,500 years ago, which defines the eight limbs of Yoga as a complete life work. The best known the second yogascittavrittinirodha translates as "yoga is slowing down the thought waves of the mind to a stop" making it clear Yoga is a meditative discipline. Most people know yoga as the physical postures or asanas only one of the eight limbs of yoga which include: Yama, behavioral discipline, Niyama, personal discipline, Asana, hatha Yoga postures, Pranayama, controlled breathing, Pratyahara, mindfulness, Dharana, contemplation, Dhyana, meditation and Samadhi, transformed awareness. As a Classical Yoga teacher Jo classes focus on mindful practice including both the physical and meditative practices of yoga.