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More than a decade ago, whilst I was living in Bali, a friend of mine teaching yoga teacher-training courses there helped me into a supported backbend in her yoga class.

I felt something shift in me; it was like an opening or a feeling I had not felt since I was a child. Hatha yoga classes I had done prior to that had not impressed me greatly. Whilst nothing changed suddenly in my life that shift ignited a passion in me to explore yoga further.

With time and practice I decided to do a yoga teacher training course as much to deepen my own practice as to teach others the physical and mental benefits regular practice of yoga has to offer.

What most people know about yoga is the physical practice of asana or posture and the health and wellbeing I have gained from the physical practice has been enormous.

However Yoga means "union" and is far more than just the practice of asana and is often defined as "union of body mind and spirit," so the benefits can be far more reaching than simple exercise.

As a teacher with a love and passion for what I do it is my hope to introduce my students to all that the practice of yoga has to offer.