Jo Odessa
POSTAL: Unit 13 35 Ann St. Dandenong. Victoria. Australia 3175
#30 Gang Tunjung Mekar 43, Kerobokan. Peliatan Banjar. Kuta-Bali, Indonesia.

+61 (0) 405 427 183 (International)

15th. July, 1951

Relevent Education

1969 - 73: Diploma of Art & Design.
1. Frankston Technical School.
2. Caulfield Institute of Technology.
3. Bendigo Institute of Technology.

  • Paintings are held in collections in Japan, America, England, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia.
  • Commissioned pieces held in the collections of Lyle McCullough and Jenny Lou Haines.
Recent Exhibitions
The Caulfield Arts Complex "Coming Up For Air" Caulfield, Melb. July, 1997
Asana Gallery "Bali Inspired" Seminyak, Bali. Dec-Jan, 1997-98
The Fitzroy Gallery Solo Show Fitzroy, Melb. 14-16 Feb, 1998
The Street Cafe Gallery Solo Show St. Kilda, Melb. May, 1998
Horizon's Gallery Solo Show St. Kilda, Melb. Sept-Nov, 1998
Bali 3000 CyberCafe Solo Show Ubud, Bali. September, 1999
Seniwati Womens' Gallery "Women on Women" Ubud, Bali. December, 1999
Pranoto's Gallery "Human Form 2 Exhibition" Ubud, Bali. January, 2000
Seniwati Showspace "Dream" (Solo Show) Ubud, Bali. September, 2000
Pondok Pekak "Transcendence" (Solo Show)
& Performance Salon
Ubud, Bali. November, 2001

Seniwati Showspace

Deep Connection (Solo Show)

Ubud, Bali.

Aug-Sept., 2002

Bali Buddha Connection (Solo Show) Ubud, Bali November, 2002
Chapel Off Chapel Before & After (Solo Show) Prahran, Melb. December, 2003
Manyung Gallery "Clear Cuts" Mt. Eliza, Melb. November, 2004
Chapel Off Chapel "Close-Up" Prahran, Melb. February, 2005